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The self-titled ep Atticus Finch is a five-song collection put together by
creator and front man Justin
Kutylowski. It offers earthy sounds
and hooky melodies that echo
traditional American music while also
possessing a strong influence from
the pop culture of the end of the
twentieth century. All music and
lyrics were written by Kutylowski, who
also performs all instrumental and
vocal tracks on the album. The songs
themselves are mainly guitar and lyric
driven and all maintain a strong singer
songwriter like quality. The overall
tone of the tracks is a hunger or angst
similar in vibe to many of the
melancholic grunge recordings of the
early nineties and although
Kutylowski's voice and lyrics can
quickly blur into fantasy, the prevailing
emotions and colors remain intact in
the same manner as an impressionist
painting or modern novel. A diversity
of influences such as Johnny Cash,
The Beach Boys and Oasis are subtly
(in some cases not so subtly) dappled
throughout effort and a number of
various genres and styles are
referenced. This is juxtaposed and
often grounded by Kutylowski's
unique but consistent lyrical phrasing
and approach to melodies. Atticus
Finch was recorded over the last
twelve months in Perth Australia
where Kutylowski currently resides. It
is available for download through The
Atticus Finch Bandcamp site.
Kutylowski is currently writing and
recording a new project which he
hopes to release summer of 2013.


Music and Lyrics by Justin Kutylowski




All Rights Reserved

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Atticus Finch EP
Atticus Finch EP
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  • One Last Drink
  • Three Sticks
  • Brian Says
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